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About WatchNet

WatchDrive was established in 2000. With over 17 years of experience in the industry, we have acummulated over 1000 customer in various industries and enterprises, many from large enterprises, government and multinational corporations

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WatchDrive is a product from Watchsoft, with more than 8 years in development, in Data protection systems. We use the latest generation of “Transparent Encryption” technology - virtualized double buffered transparent encryption. Transparent encryption is based on the requirements of the operating system layer to automatically write to the storage media. The main features of this technology is “Automation" and“Transparency", without changing the user's original work habits and processes. The file data automatically processes encryption and decryption. With excellent compatibility, there is no need to redevelop for use with other application. There is no need to decrypt the file manually or enter the encryption and decryption password."


Using AES 256bit high-level security encryption algorithm, so that your files are no longer a target, and you never have to worry about any viruses again


Encryption/ Decription, easy and user friendly.


Provide an encrypt security box, that only authorized personnel can open the content

Product advantage

  • To prevent extortion of the file from the virus, current anti-virus software solutions are not enough. WatchDrive can provide you with a digital encryption safe and safeguard your files from ransomware.
  • Prevent data leakage - Even if hackers invade your computer, they can not take your encrypted file from the safe.
  • File transfer sharing, no need to be afraid of hackers intercepting your files for re-use.
  • Protect safety of your cloud data, you can synchronize the cloud data to the digital encryption safe, no longer need to worry about the disclosure of important private documents !!
  • USB protection and encryption - encryption safe and no longer, even if someone uses your USB, they cannot read the contents of the file.

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WatchDrive is secure, regardless where your files are stored, secure access and control in your universe

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